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If you’ve come to research about getting your next custom tailored suit. Congratulations, you’ve landed at the right place.

SuitsWell is the premier provider for High-End, Custom Tailored Wear in Geelong, we are also the most passionate, and educated stylists that you will find.

The right look.

How do you get the results you want with a new suit purchase? How do you make sure that your money is well spent? There are so many options today, from retailers to online stores.

So before you buy, you need to know the few simple basics to check.

The Top suiting requires 3 key ingredients. Fit, Fabrics, and Finish.


The best FIT only comes from an Artisan tailor with decades of experience, they have the ability, wisdom, and talent for cutting a garment that match perfectly with a client’s body, this is not achieved by any current made to measure manufacturers.


Most high-end suit FABRICS are not used in off-the-peg garments today, that’s because pure Australian wool are much more expensive compared to poly blends, and the best Luxury wool mills are only available by accredited tailors who has the trust, and recognition of these high-end brands.


Lastly, the detailed FINISH of any suit is a sign to the garment’s manufacture’s quality. Checks can be made from hand stitching of lapel loop, functional sleeve button holes, and optional pick stitching, these options plays a major role in the bespoke depth of a garment.

Did you Know?

The visual statement of a bespoke tailored garment has been studied and proven to make significant positive impact to the person’s immediate perception by others. This is the reason why television hosts, lawyers. and business executives have always leveraged the use of custom bespoke garments for their benefit.

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