When it comes to daily wear. We are simple, we get accustomed to the generic options. After all, men thinks in terms of rigid, confined boxes. When underwear is needed, we buy underwear, when socks are falling apart, we buy socks. There is not much to it, and we generally have a preference locked down.

Now this post is for the majority of men, who are simple when it comes to style. But is at a crossroad, it might be that you are in a moment in life, coming close to something more important, something that requires attention to class, maybe you are feeling the need to channel your inner James Bond, or to be that dapper gentleman, that handsome someone who catches the positive attention of a group, lady, or even an important business function.

The 5 pillars of suiting



The stable, and the king of all suiting comes from within the classic style category.

Why? You might ask, just look at the photos and you will see.

The classic style suit is what we recommend to 90% of our clients, its because most of us men don’t have a properly tailored suit, and what we have off-the-rack does not look exceptional.

We always emphasize that when it comes to style, less is more. Get rid of the tacky gimmicks and fads, and stick with the basics. Your significant others will approve.

The reason why classics are so powerful is that they are time proven, and super versatile. A charcoal grey, Navy, or mid brown will always be appropriate for the big occasions. Weddings, court appearing, business, and graduations.

Awakening your sartorial image brings light to your success and big moments in life. It is no wonder that classic style is the always faithful companion that you should have in your wardrobe.

See why there are so many Navy, Grey, brown suits on the market today? While Navy and Grey dominates the color palet, brown suits shows an league of its own when it comes to expression of elegance.

Getting tailored is always the key ingredient to looking great.



When it comes to choosing the right suit, you first need to know what kind of occasion you are going to be in presence for. There are 4 main types of events/occasions that you are likely to wear suits for, (although it is recommended that dressing up is always better than being underdressed), try to look for details and information about the specific event.

The least formal style is the casual attire. It generally comes with a relaxed setting, business while on vacation trips, going on dates, and keeping a high status image while you are not in the office are generally where you find those who dress as such. Although the power and symbol of high-success and attractiveness is the main motive for wearing a suit in casual setting.

Casual suits are often warn in warm conditions, opt-in or opt-out ties according to the weather, and place that you are going to be, light colour fabrics are a key note to causal style. Grey, Beige, and White are good places to start.

When you are ready to show off more styles, go for some light blue, red, and darker tan/brown colours



Very opposite to being casual, the business suit is all about structure and formality. The business suit is meant to be in the office. Pinstripes are the staple to looking classy, although many have chosen the stay with the plain color. We believe that the power of stripes are exactly what you could use for the next board meeting to get the maximum visual impact.

Worn with the proper ties, and rigid pocket squares, the business suit is for the pure professionals, with confidence, and speaks how the wearer is very high up in the ranking.



Last but not the least, formal look. It’s like the gun in the safe, the piece that you pull out and use only when necessary. But when the time calls, it’s something that you cannot afford to do without.

Formal suit, although finding less and less in its place, is still a great way to speak to others that you have not forgotten about the rules. The styles that Bond embraces and is iconic for, the difference that separates a regular evening or event from any other day. And when it comes to special moments, shouldn’t you make the gentleman’s effort to make it timeless?

Black tuxedo can never do wrong, if you are looking to make one suit for an elegant dinner, with a regular peak lapel (not satin), it can also be used as a funeral suit (hope it’s not going to be yours). Formal suits have become more dressed down since young Hollywood celebrities keep on breaking the ‘rules’. But to show true sophistication and a sense of class, we recommend that you uphold the tradition.



 So, here are the list that you should be well educated on when it comes to suiting. 90% of the time, we understand that you are just looking for something conservative and versatile. But why limit yourself if you already got the navy and grey, assuming that you are indeed a tailored man of course. If so, we highly recommend that you start a casual/contemporary wardrobe for those Instagram/facebook memories with your friends and loved ones. And lastly, don’t wait until it’s too late to commission your dinner suit, after all, you could be meeting your special someone there, and the last thing you want is to be underdressed and out of style, that sure will make an impact to your confidence. So stay tailored

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